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Anyone interested in the Electribe MX type arp? (arp may be really the wrong word but korg named it like this...)

That sounds interesting... Does it actually play a pattern or is the pitch completely controlled by the pot, but restricted to the scale/rhythm?

Well I finnally see the light at the end of hte tunnel. After finishing up college and getting settled in my new job I finally have some time to do some projects. Recently I bought a Korg DW-8000 and I really like it, but it's a pain to edit sounds with just one slider. I was looking at a website ( and saw that it was posible to edit params via a midi controller, but they were special syex messages. My question is, given the right set of messages, would it be posible to make a control surface that would send these syex messages, based on midibox hardware?

Dave Panseri

Yep, A Midibox guru is in the place !! :D

Thank you for your idea.
The Shifty's Death Synth can make very interesting sounds :) ...
Yeah, it's the Korg Kaoss Pad built into the Matthew Bellamy Guitar which have given to me the idea of having a touchscreen interface for my guitar :)

Concerning the Wireless Midi, even if it's - maybe - more complicated, I prefer to have an inside built wifi interface, because a wifi driver is in the writing process for the uclinux for arm & cie ... So I will use this ... And imagine, with a usb key, if I want to jump with my guitar, op, the USB is unclipsed and no sound - oops :)

Now I know what I want, after one day to compare and search, I will join the association near to my home, and use an ARM9 processor with linux embedded, not an AVR32, because we can find more things for ARM than for AVR32 and I've not enough time to developp myself all what I want to do.

My question now is : has anyone tried to use an ARM instead of a PIC for the midibox ?
Have you some onboard wireless chip to recommend ?

Hey Meeshka, I have been working with Java a bit. I have been writing a jsynthlib editor for my korg MicroKorg, and I wrote a ROUGH midi step sequencer. If you want, you can email me to compare notes. Justin@Ahrens.Net


oooo a microKorg interface. :) Sounds awesome! Any chance I could have a look?


I also find the analog inputs on the V2 a great feature... On V1 I had a joystick for filter cutoff/res (it was a bit difficult to get it to work back then as the software had to be modified some), now I have an additional expression pedal at Knob5 as well. And my master keyboard Korg X2 has pitch bend + modulation on a single joystick (I think that old synth sends NRPN or whatever it is but it works ok), too, so I can do a nice lot of realtime sound-mangling when I want to!  8)

Very nice, Good Luck!
I hope we get all the details as this unfolds.

It's going to take a lot of knobs to get control of this. If you'd like a tool to help out before the MB64 is built, I have java code here for a mixer window.. It would take about three minutes to add six EQ knobs to each channel.. I'd be happy to send you the java code, or even to add the EQ knobs first, if you'll tell me what Control Change numbers you're using for each band.

In any case, it looks great.. I'm envious of your project!


thanks, though I have Korg 49 for MIDI control, the tool you're mentioning would definitely help. My current MBMix CC assignment uses CC#91-CC#93 (for old-to-be LPF, BPF and HPF), but since there will be six levels to control plus per-channel Volume (CC#7), Pan (CC#10) and four global L/R buses (not decided on MIDI implementation), I'll use Sound Controller 1-6 (CC#70-CC#75) for controlling the EQ. I'd be happy to use the tool, I didn't figure yet whether the Korg 49 is able to use MIDI channel 'shift' for 8 encoder/8 fader controllers.

Looking forward, thanks!

P.S. Of course, once the prototype is built I'd be happy to share the schematics and source code!
P.P.S. The project wouldn't even start if you didn't start fiddling with PGA, not even talking about TK and the whole MIDIBox :rolleyes:
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I think sound and music are great hobbies. My oldest brother used to bring lots of old synths home from his band. I currently have his Korg Poly6 and Realistic MiniMoog. I used to sit down for days on end, just messing with sounds. Hmm, I probably spent more time playing with music then than I do now. Oh well. Work to be done...

TECHNOMILIZ (phatline & elektroklon) proudly presents  ;)

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